Price increase

Firstly, on behalf of all at Land Of Holistic Pets, I would like to thank you for your continued support. We are entering very troubled and uncertain times but no doubt the sun will still rise in the morning.

The devaluation of Sterling after the Brexit vote has had serious implications for everyone.  As most raw materials are traded in either US dollars or Euros, it has resulted in dramatic increases in costs.  Also, the devaluation has also affected UK sourced materials as suppliers seek to take advantage of increased demand from European countries which has resulted in increased UK supplier prices.

Land Of Holistic Pets has absorbed these increases to date in the hope that the markets would stabilise.  Unfortunately the Sterling has remained at its low valuation compared to the US Dollar and the Euro.  As a consequence, we  can no longer  continue to absorb these costs  and  unfortunately  we have been forced into a price increase.

The price increase will take effect   Monday 27th Feb 2017

Yours Sincerely


George Burns

Winner of PATS Pet Trade Show 2014

Land Of Holistic Pet took the opportunity at the recent PATS trade show to launch our revolutionary new grain free mixer for dogs.  In doing so, we won  the prestigious award of best product in show in the category of dog food and treats.



As one of the judges pointed out – “there is nothing like it in the dog food market and the price is spot of for dog owners’

The recipe was developed by George Burns and was selected from more than 270 new dog and cat food  entries.  The Robbie’s Grain Free mixer has been specially developed to be hypo-allergenic, wheat and gluten free and exclusive of any additives.

The Grain free mixer uses grade one potatoes flakes as the main ingredient and combines it with vegetables and herbs. Owners must add in their own protein and oil into the mix to create a  dog meal almost like home cooking or as one owner commented – dinners for dogs.

Using Robbie’s Grain free mixer for dogs along with a high quality protein source then the idea of a home cooked dog diner becomes a very realistic proposition.

Watch out for Land Of Holistic Pets New products being launched at PATS Sandown 2015. The Company is rapidly becoming the dehydrated dog food specialist in the UK,

Unlike most of the dog food brands in the UK , Robbie’s is blended and packaged in our plant in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire