Dogs Eating Grass


With regards to dogs there are still many questions that don’t have a definitive answers – one of which is why do dogs eat grass? Grass is all around us and while we understand why horses and cows graze on grass, dogs are a different matter.

Some owners see dogs as carnivores and generally averse to vegetables, why is it that they sometimes seem to feel compelled to graze on a patch of the green stuff? So it is only natural that, having seen dogs eating grass from time to time, that we ask the question why do they do it?

Mixed Messages

In some instances, a dog will eat a load of grass only to immediately throw up the contents of his stomach all over the garden including a lot of yucky yellow stuff!. In some cases the owner will assume that the grass is bad news for dogs and they should have known better, while others insist it was an inexplicable desire to throw up. In either case, many owners see dogs eating  grass as  negative behavior and do their best to prevent it from happening.

On the other hand, there are owners that insist dogs eating grass should be left to get on with it as it’s not only normal, but actually quite important.

Dogs Eating Grass – What’s  the issue?

Jumping back to a prior point for a moment, dogs may show a pretty healthy preference toward meat, but to say that they are exclusively carnivorous would in fact be wrong. The simple fact of the matter is that a dog needs far more than just meat alone to survive, which is why every premium dog food that claims to be 100% complete will feature a wide range of ingredients – plants included.#

As such, dogs are technically omnivores as they will eat pretty much anything that’s edible if they have no other choice. However, where grass fits into the equation isn’t exactly clear, as it’s not as if it’s used as a staple ingredient in quality dog food.

Why do Dogs Eat Grass?

My belief is that dogs are closer to the earth than humans and are actually practicing herbalists.

For example, you may see your dog eating grass as a means by which to:

  • Deliberately vomit if he’s feeling hugely nauseous and knows he will feel better afterwards.
  • Relieve the discomfort and pain associated with bloating or trapped wind. Grass has a certain soothing quality when consumed by some dogs and could therefore be considered something of a mild indigestion remedy.
  • Help remove wastes in the dog’s digestive system.
  • Enjoy the taste of it – some dogs really do love the taste of grass!

Is Grass a Danger to Dogs?

As a general rule grass is not a danger to dogs and really cannot do them any serious harm. Dogs generally know what they’re doing when they eat grass, to such an extent that they’ll usually only ever eat the exact types of grass that are totally harmless.

A dog will not know if the grass has been contaminated – chemical sprays etc so while , the grass itself will not do your pet any harm, the added extras might.

So while the sight of dogs eating grass shouldn’t be a trigger for panic, it also should not be ignored.