Healthy Dog Food

George BurnsItchy skin, chewing feet, waxy ears, stiff joints, anal gland issues, digestive issues and many more of those small irritating issues clear away with the correct diet.
George Burns

golden retriever fed on healthy dog foodHealthy dog food seems like an obvious thing.

But you know yourself how hard it can be to maintain a healthy diet. What to speak of maintaining a healthy diet for your dog. He will try to let you know he’s not well but you need to be able to see the signs and act on his behalf.

We’ve all experienced getting run down and then minor viruses and issues nag at us. The same happens to our friends in animal bodies.

So its vital that we give our dogs (and all our pets) good quality ingredients and a healthy balance of foods.

Its up to us to take the role of mother nature on behalf of the pets who depend on us. And feeding healthy dog food is so important. After all, you are what you eat!

Healthy dog food from Robbies and Luaths all natural ingredients
We saw a need for a healthy dog food so created Robbies and Luaths to feed our own dogs and our customers dogs

There are lots of myths and mis-understandings about what is healthy food for dogs. Certainly you can be sure that processed foods are not healthy. This simply because they are not able to retain the ‘healthy’ nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that promote health in the body. It is much better to feed fresh or ‘de-hydrated’ foods. These foods are the best for health.

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Take a look at our pet health information pages and our FAQs to find out more about our approach.

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