The Holistic Approach to Diet and Health

In layman’s terms ‘holistic’ means the whole body and mind.

Holistic nutrition in dog food is about providing your dog with food which is going to benefit the whole body.

Holistic dog food is about the quality of the ingredients, their combination and how they complement each other in relation your dogs overall health and well-being. It is not simply about Omega 3 fatty acids being good for your dog’s coat or glucosomane having a wonderful effect on your dog’s joints.

The right balance is essential.

In the USA the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) insists that products are labelled ‘complete and balance’.

  • Complete meaning no other form of food is required.
  • Balanced meaning it contains all the required vitamins and minerals to sustain life.

The above statements are made without reference to quality or digestibility of dog food.

healthy dog
Happy, healthy dog running on the beach

At Land of Holistic Pets we have a slightly different but very important interpretation of balance.

As humans we eat salads in the summer because they are cooling foods. In winter we eat soups and stews because they are warming foods.

Foods also have the ability to create either dry or damp conditions in the body. Constipation is usually a very dry condition and loose runny stools are very damp conditions.

Ear infections in dogs usually arise because the food is creating warm, damp conditions in the ear canal giving rise to bacterial overgrowth.

This is where we begin to balance out our product by making sure firstly the quality of every ingredient is up to standard. Next we look at the proportions of each ingredient
to make sure that the finished product will neither too dry or damp, warm or cold.

The importance of Ph levels in dog food.

Ph stands for Potential Hydrogen!
The range is from 0 – 14 with 7 being neutral
Below 7, the body is acid or more hydrogen,
Above 7 the body is alkaline or more oxygen!

At Land Of Holistic Pets we aim to create a food which slightly Alkaline in the body.

Most illness comes from acidic conditions in the body and this is why it is very important that all the ingredients not only minimise extremes in term of dry or damp, hot or cold but that the combined effect is to create ideal conditions in the body for health and well being.

Too much – the importance of controlled proteins and fats in dogs.

The body has a marvelous escape channel for what we term excesses or ‘too much’ of anything. It gets rid of it!! And the body will use whatever channel necessary or convenient to get rid of ‘too much’ of anything. Too much protein and the body converts it to nitrogen waste and eliminates it in the urine. Too much fat and you get loose stools ( Damp conditions).

Other signs of your dog getting rid of ‘too much’ are runny ears or tear stains. Excess shedding and itchy skin in dogs is simply the body discarding the wastes. Waxy ears, overfull anal glands, chewing feet.