Intesti-Care for dogs and cats

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Intesti-Care for dogs and cats

Calms irritable bowels.

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Product Description

Calms irritability of the bowels.

The formula is based on the Chinese classic “Four Gentlemen” formula, with lotus seed for loose stools, and dioscorea yam, which is easily digested and supports digestion and energy. Cardamon rids the body of dampness, allowing the other herbs to tonify without stagnation. Marshmallow and Slippery Elm, calm and soothe the intestinal membranes, are high in pectin and mucilage.

This marvellous formula will support the digestive system when it needs it and under most circumstances.

Atractylodes root, Asian ginseng root, dioscorea root, hyacinth bean, lotus fruit, poria sclerotium (hoelen), licorice baked root, coix seed, cardamon fruit, balloon flower root, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, stevia leaf.

Based on Ginseng, Poria and Atractylodes Powder, Shen Ling Bai Zhu San (1078 A.D.), Ginseng Atractylodes Formula.

Application: Use as needed.
Small cats & dogs: 1/2-1 small spoonful mixed in with food.
Medium dogs: 1-2 small spoonfuls mixed in with food.
Large dogs: 2-3 small spoonfuls mixed in with food.