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Robbie’s – the Dried Dog Food with a difference

A lot of love, care and time goes into the preparation of our foods. Find out more about the varieties of Robbie’s dehydrated dog foods we have available.

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[Begin Block]As far as dog food is concerned in most cases it is either open a can or a packet, pour in bowl and your job is done – dog fed! Convenience is the key.

Well, Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine requires just a little bit more effort and the reasons for this lie in the quality of the food.

Most of the ingredients are ‘dehydrated’ which means they have had the water removed and before feeding it needs to be replaced.

This is where Robbie’s ingredients come into their own.

Dehydrated food is the oldest form of food preparation. The nutrients are not affected in any manner or form. They retain their bounty of nourishment for your dog to enjoy and you to get the satisfaction that you are feeding the right food.

The difference is not simply in the ingredients but how they are combined.[End Block]

We consider 4 major areas in formulating a good holistic diet.

  • Quality of the Ingredients and the impact of processing
  • Thermal nature of the ingredients
  • Acid/Alkaline impact on the body
  • Excesses and deficiencies

Key benefits to healthy feeding

[Begin Block]There are several clear benefits of using Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine for your dogs.

Benefits Ingredients/Nutirents How They Help
Healthy Immune System Spinach, Gren Beans, Carrots, Brown Rice, Oats. Spirulina, Seaweed. Loaded with antioxidants which support the immune system.
Easy to Digest Whole grains, Spinach, Parsley and Mint. Greens and whole grains are loaded with digestive support nutrients.
Healthy Skin and Radiant Coat Carrots, Omega 3 and 6 Oils.
Lean Muscle and Natural Weight Control High levels of magnesium and Calcium. Magnesium relaxes muscles and Calcium contracts muscles.
Healthy Organs Whole grain brown rice and oat’s are loaded with Silicon.
Skeletal support Glucosmine and Chrodontin, Carrots
Healthy Nervous System Brown Rice and Oats; concentrated B Vitamins
Healhy Urinary System
Healthy Pancreas Low fat levels. High levels of a fat called triglycerides in the blood (hypertriglyceridemia).

[End Block]