Robbies Holistic Cuisine Meat Free Mixer for Dogs

Robbies Meat Free Mixer for Dogs

Robbie’s Meat Free Mixer for Dogs was developed for owners who use a variety of ingredients to feed their dogs including BARF, Raw Feeding for dogs, tinned food and home cooking food for dogs.

This quality mixer is put in a bowl and hot water added to bring to life the nutrients of quality ingredients.

Often referred to as a ‘Wholegrain mixer biscuit’ for dogs which is not strictly correct.

It does consist of whole-grains, vegetables and herbs but it is not baked to form a biscuit.

This is the uniqueness of the product! You as the dog owner make it up!

Available in 150g packs and 2.5kg bags up to 10kg.

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[Begin Block]Composition: whole grain brown rice, oats, carrots, green beans, spinach, broccoli and five herbs – spearmint, sage, thyme, oregano and parsley.

[End Block]

What’s Out

[Begin Block]Chemical preservaties, Synthetic colours, Synthetic flavours.

Sugar beet pulp (scrap from sugar industry).

Vegetable protein isolate (potato protein extract).

All unhealthy and Gluten grains; Wheat, Barley, Corn and Rye.[End Block]


[Begin Block]Crude Protein 21%

Crude Fibres 2.5%

Crude Oils and Fats 6.8%

Crude Ash 7%[End Block]

Feeding Guide

[Begin Block]

Amounts to feed

Amounts may vary depending on age, exercise, and other factors like age. Young dogs will require more while older dogs less.

European Pet Food Industry Federation suggest that an adult dog should be fed 18 – 19g of food per kilogram of body weight.

At Land Of Holistic Pets our experience is that 10 – 12g of food is a more appropriate quantity to feed adult dogs. Some dogs may require more but if neutered may well require less.

Water intake

A supply of fresh clean water (preferably bottled or filtered) should always be available.

Read our FAQ’s regarding the Fussy Eater or the Hungry or Greedy Dog.[End Block]

Cost of feeding

[Begin Block]It is useful to understand how much it costs to feed your dog.

Robbie’s Lamb Amount to feed Cost per day
Dog weight Based on 10kg bag
5 – 10kg 50 – 100g 0.24p – 0.48p
10 – 20kg 100 – 200g 0.48 – 0.96p
20 – 30kg 200 – 300g 0.96 – £1.44
30 – 40kg 300 – 400g £1.44 – £1.92
Above based on experience rather that on EPFIF guidelines Above based on experience rather that on EPFIF guidelines

[End Block]