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Find out all about George Burns, dog food and the Land Of Holistic Pets.

The heading above may seem strange but the two are simply inseparable – George Burns and Land Of Holistic Pets – a vision he had that pet owners could indulge and learn about their pets health.

Of course the Vet Medicine Directorate had a different idea – they didn’t want anyone with any sense saying anything about food which might be construed as medicine.  For George this was the very point – food is the only thing we put in our pets bodies day in, day out – it must influence our health regardless of what the powers that be say!

The idea for the business came after many years being involved in nutrition for dogs.

George set up Burns Pet Nutrition Scotland in Scotland as a sole trader, then broadened its base in North East England.

He moved to just outside Newcastle, setting up base in his house and garage and relaying back to base in Ayrshire.

He then went on to form ‘Burns Pet Nutrition (Scotland) Ltd’ and at the same time set up ‘Burns Pet Nutrition (USA) Inc.’

He was in full swing commuting and learning all the while. Attending conferences in both Europe and the USA.

George’s appetite for knowledge about healthy dog food was insatiable. He met and spent time with some of the worlds’ leading authorities on the subject.

Professor Lon Lewis who along with Mark Morris developed the original Hills diets (prior to 1992). They also co-authored the first edition “Small Animal Clinical Nutrition”.

George attends the American Holistic Vets Conferences and has met people like Billinghurst, Goldstein, Day and many others.

George Burns, background and dogs

George has kept dogs all his life and built powerful relationships with them. As a teenager, his lurcher dog Pat was to him, closer than most human beings. They were inseparable!

Later in life, when bringing up his family they acquired a collie from the local pound – it eventually became what can only be described as a community dog.

George recalls the story of taking Meg out for a walk and her taking to lying down in front of the bookmakers shop. This puzzled George as Meg never had a lead, always waited outside shops but the bookmakers – this was not on the agenda!

Finally at the dinner table, George asked his children who had taken up gambling – his 16 year old son Brian’s face turned bright red. Caught!

Getting it right

It was that type of passion and understanding that drove George to set up the ‘Land Of Holistic Pets’.

Somewhere pet owners could come and learn through diet, use of herbs and gaining knowledge, and be able to build a relationship with their dog which was so close they could almost communicate.

George’s passion for nutrition and dog food has gone on for many years. Anyone who has spoken to him will know only too well that his enthusiasm and commitment just spills over when discussing the subject of diet and dogs.

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